Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pocket Full of Posies Chapter 2 Page 7

     In the study of emergent machine mind technology has been the rise of a low band frequency language that robotic workers and servants have developed over the past several model generations. And, it appears through observation, that this language isn't limited to a specific model or manufacturer, but manages to infiltrate into he sub programming of nearly every mechanoid that encounters it; becoming a second language which is utilized to relay a host of particular information between units.

     It's notable that, as of this report, there appears to be no underlining malicious intent behind this development; merely the formation of subroutines that could not have been predicted in machines looking to communicate status and share updates. The studying of this low band transmissions shows that, among other things, issues of function status, make, model, and other identifying information is transmitted in a non-repetitive info compact series of bursts. These are then followed by requests for information of user behavior and other environmental conditions that can be assimilated into the unit's program, allowing it to function better in its role. 

     Further, this council finds no evidence that this language posses any threat to any end user, organization, or governing body. Study on both intercepted transmissions, as well as units involved in these transmissions, shows these are merely data queries. This council, therefor, recommends that the automaton program not be scrapped and that this machine query language be allowed to continue and flourish, as it works to enhance the over all operation of each robotic unit to better perform their function.

Dr.  Housan Thoust
Professor of Robotic Applications
 Asimov Institute
* Except from study summary on emergent language properties in automatons and robotic servant classes. Historical note: One of the last transmissions before the fatal Daistrum lab disaster . 

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