Wednesday, August 29, 2018

In Particular

     Sometime around 2003 I went and did me an odd thing with a couple of friends; we started a comedy stunt troupe that - originally - focused on performing at Renaissance Faires around Northern California, and a fee odd places not too far of from.

     We we're originally part of another group that focused very specifically on the myth and lore of the Scottish Highlands, but the group had become the ego focus of its founder, and we were looking to do some real serious entertaining; both in flashy swordsmanship, but also in giving crowds a real thrill.

     Hence The Brotherhood of The Black Flag, and it's band of bar fly miscreants, was born. We were nearly an overnight smash in the Faire circuit around here, and soon enough we had us some young join-ups. Ian, here, was one such join up.

I started training with The Brotherhood of The Black Flag when I was 18. I'm always surprised when people would ask me how long have I been doing this. I would say I started at 18 and I'm now 30. I love doing shows and dressing like a pirate. Training other people to fight with a sword has always been something fun to me. I train with the cutlass, saber, and long sword. And the Scottish basket hilt and, of course, bull whips.   Fighting with Charlie I will have to say is very entertaining; you never know what kind of comment he will open with. The man will pull a joke out of anything and throw you off your focus until you end up laughing and having a good old time. Hint: the cartoon we have now; the man was truly picky about how I will kick his ass.

  I left The BBF a number of years ago to follow some other life pursuits, but I've returned this year and already performed a few shows, including as an addition to the new arm of the group, The Blag Flag Gang; a Western style reenactment group that has become the premiere Western reenactor group for Sacramento.

Based out of the Sacramento area, The Brotherhood of The Black Flag, and The Black Flag Gang, are available for nearly any social event; from festivals and parties to civic events and film. Each member trains relentlessly to bring fun and entertainment to any show we are doing.

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