Monday, December 31, 2018

So Long, 2018...

     First off, I'm hoping that I will never have to revisit the name, or the woman, Kimberly Murphy ever again. So, let us be done with that, then.

     Oddly, though, there have been a few places in this past year where my damaged heart... the metaphorical one... has been put to test, and found still full of love and compassion. And even some desire. Though it got... complicated... it was good to feel it, again. And that dirty four letter word "love" finally fell out of my mouth at someone, AND I MEANT IT, LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. Holy shit, that was scary.

     I've officially returned to the stage with Black Flag Productions, as a pirate, and now with the expansion into Western Reenactment. I suspect that the characters that inhabit those worlds will likely find their way here, this coming year. But at any rate it's good to be entertaining crowds and hearing the laughter of kids, again. I am sorry I ever left, but luckily Jeff Campbell, who I founded the group with a couple decades ago, is an often surprising and amazing man. We've mended, and the group has taken me back in like I never left... because they won't ever let me leave, again. (More will be coming about Black Flag Productions as the company infrastructure builds up.)

     All the shows! I went to six big concerts this past year, and a mess of little shows here and about. I don't think I've ever had such a good time. And, as of this publishing, I already have tickets for a show later in 2019; the return of Weird Al! Meanwhile, I have been enjoying the hell out of the tease follies that is burlesque. And there is a lot to see all around the San Francisco Bay Area! From Bad Influence Burlesque to Hubba Hubba Revue there's something for everyone. And some great cabaret shows, too, like Misfits Cabaret and Tourniquets Without Regrets. If you're in the area or the city proper you owe it to yourself to see these shows.

     And, yes; as of this publishing The Dangermouse still lives. Not bad for being over 331,000 miles old, huh? Yeah, my favorite Disney nut Rellie - long time fried of the show - really saved the day by coming to our rescue when we were broke down on the freeway shoulder.

     This year... it's hard not to get mired in the mess that 2018 was; suicidal depression, death, layoffs, money issues, loss of friends... no one was immune from it this year. SO, naturally, it's hard to see the good that came out of this year, too. That said, fuck off 2018; you sucked. And 2019? You suck too and I will so kick your ass.

     Look for some big changes coming in the next three months as I gear up for 45, and a whole new branding in March. Thanks for sticking it out with me, and...


Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Mother of All Talks

          Ah, Tracy...

          Facebook bots can sometimes be a fun thing... if you don't mind the intrusion into your account the often make. I really don't, for the most part, and they can be kind of fun. At any rate, back a few weeks ago I played one that was floating around and got this result...

          Long time readers and friends know what I've been battling this past year, as well as friends on Facebook who have also seen my heart swoon to a couple young girls who had recently adopted me as a surrogate father for a bit. And, I'll be honest, the thought had crossed my mind; as it was something I was going to give the bitch before she done what she done.

          At any rate, when Tracy, a long time friend, pinged me it took me completely by surprise. On first view, I suppose if you didn't know I was playing a gamer, this could certainly look like a legit post. But it was tender insistence on the state of my fatherhood - or lack there of - that really threw me for a loop.

          Don't get me wrong; I imagine if the right set of circumstances come along I'm open to, and up for, the challenge. But, right now, I'd just settle for a girlfriend who won't lie, betray, and stab me in the back. We get through that, first, and then we can talk about a kid.

          Tracy did, though, have two parting bits of sage wisdom, regarding the idea of being an older parent...

          You know, as an older parent, you are less likely to try and feed your child to the wolves. Because you've mellowed, and developed patience, or some sage crap like that. Also, as an older parent, you are well versed in EVERY type of mischief that can be pulled. Younger parents... not so much.

          Okay, those are valid points. David is lucky guy to have - and be able to handle - a woman like Tracy. And, no; despite knowing them for quite a while, I've never met their son.

          As for being a dad? Well...