Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hello, 2019...

     New Year's Resolutions...

     I really don't know who started this whole thing, but the whole "new year, new you" thing has felt overplayed in the past... until this last couple years, that is. And for myself, and many folks I know, this past year has left us all wanting for something new and better in our lives.

     For some of us that isn't going to be much of a challenge; seeing how 2018 came along.

     I, for one, am keeping it fairly simple, this year. Last year's shitastic plot complications got me inspired to improve my health. Originally this was a reaction to being heinously dumped, but now has evolved into something else. And, because of reasons, my attention has turned to amateur boxing. Yeah, I know I'm kind of small for it, but I might as well give it a shot. Hey, take your midlife crisis and run with it, I say.

     Yeah, that's probably where the motorcycle thing is coming from. But with traffic in the San Francisco Bay Area so bad, now, they make more sense than ever. Plus, I was raised on the back of one - my dad being a wannabe biker at one point in his midlife crisis, so it seems only natural, I suppose.

     I know there's been nothing from Galactic Gun around here in quite a while, but it's coming back, I swear! And, by the end of the year, it should wrap up and I'm going to see it to paper and hopefully to sale. As much so I'm also putting the finishing touches and a novel, The Runner, I've been working on - a bit of a Sci Fi chase thriller, that I seriously want to get legitimately published. MY dream is to see it on the shelf at a bookstore with a Del Rey logo on it. But I'm not too picky; as long as it gets up there, I'll be happy.

     In the mundane world I am a twenty year veteran of Corporate Facilities Building Maintenance and Management here in the Bay Area. I've resisted taking the big step up into full on management because I have always felt best when I am doing the actual work, not calling the shots. However, given various factors, like the cost of living and how dumb it is for me to be this old and experienced and NOT be a manager, I'm moving forward with getting my dumb ass to the next level, and making myself worth more in this fucked up job market. Hopefully, though, the book will sell and make that moot.

     This year, I swear, I will learn to play my damn guitar.

     There are a few other little things here and there that I am working on in 2019, but these are the main points. They aren't many, but they are kind of big and important. I know, though, with hard work and sticking with it, like I did with my fitness last year, I can get these. So, here I go!

Happy New Year to you, and all of yours. 
May you strive for, and reach, all the goals 
you set before yourself in this year of 2019!

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